My Family

My family is by far the most important presence in my life. Without my family there's no way I'd be where I am today. My family is supportive and has always stood in my corner regardless of my crazy endeavors.

I remember the morning I woke up and started doodling on papers until my idea was scattered all over the house; I remember my wife graciously answering my call while working night shift and she immediately gave me her full support! I was excited to give back as part of my mission and she was ready with me. Throughout this process she and my son have encouraged me, given me more ideas and have been my support system. I am blessed to have a loving and caring family - no matter the outcome they will support me. 

I can't forget about Sadie and Bella - our two dogs at home who swear they are human. They are probably the most spoiled little creatures on this earth, but we love them even when their real personalities show. 



I first met the owners of inkDOTS, Keith and Debbie Nichols during a very hard time in my career. In our Law Enforcement family we had just lost one of our brother's, Darren Goforth, while in the line of duty. Darren and I had trained together in the streets while I was serving as a Field Training Officer. The experience together made this tragedy extremely personal. 

inkDOTS was there to help. From the moment I walked inside the front door I was truly amazed at their heartfelt  generosity. They worked countless hours and weeks on making yard signs, stickers, banners & whatever else they could use to raise money and donate back to Darren's family. Over the coming weeks hundreds of people lined up to help and show their support to this business. At the time they were working strictly from the kindness of their heart - no cost to anyone. They went on to donate a generous amount to the family but I remember more than that. What they donated is something money can't buy. They donated their love, support, friendship and much more to each and everyone stepping foot inside their doors. 

They both are honest, kind, loving Christians, to whom I'll be forever grateful for. They have simply been there for me to help in any way I needed. 

Where there is a strong core there is a strong team. Their staff deserves a ton of credit. I could not leave their employees out of this! Each one of them has been amazing. I won't do business anywhere other than inkDOTS. You GUYS and GALS are family to me and I SUPPORT you as you have supported me!! Thank you!


13592 Cypress North Houston Rd. 

Cypress, TX 77429

Phone     (281) 304-7500

Revolution Printing

When my business was at a point to start production of apparel I was looking for someone sharp to partner with. I needed a product that was excellent from a team that cared about craftsmanship. I needed a place where my mission was supported and understood. 

From my first introduction to owners, Mike and Tammy Comiskey - I immediately felt in my heart this was where I needed to be.  As I explained my mission to the them I felt a direct sense of encouragement and support. They were very attentive to my ideas and plans with the business. Mike and Tammy, along with their staff have been strong and supportive. 

Each time I get the opportunity to sit down and talk to them I listen and absorb so much of knowledge. They are a family owned business that loves and supports each other. Their support not only shows within their business but it extends to the client. Each time I have been there I witness professionalism and an establishment that thrives on building relationships with those they serve. 

I carry lots of respect and gratitude for all they done to help. Preserving All Warriors will continue to grow with their support and friendship. I know we will go on to do great things with our mission! I know they will stand beside me to support me and help give back!

 3355 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, TX 77068

Phone: (281) 444-8750


I have known Izzy since middle school. We hit it off from the beginning. We've done quite a bit together. We've been teammates in more than one sport and our parent's have even hung out. I've always considered Izzy a true friend of mine. He's been there to lend a helping hand without question. 

When I first started inquiring about designing a web page for my business - Izzy was right there to volunteer to help. Without question he told me he would design the site at no cost to me because of our friendship. I am truly amazed how a man with a more than one job, father of two beautiful girls, and loving husband has been able to stretch and put the time in for this project. 

I am blessed to have such an amazing friend to share this experience with. You have provided guidance, countless hours of work and best of all true friendship. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me to make this dream become a reality!