P.A.W - Preserving All Warriors originally began as a dream in the hopes of creating a design that could help with the care and support of retired K9’s. His mission was born for both Military and Law Enforcement K9's alike. The whole design and dream directly comes from his gift and passion of helping others - working to be able to give back to the community that he serves. He envisioned a design, which would stand tall among others and become recognizable throughout the K9 community.

Serving as a full time Deputy Sheriff within the K9 Division, and being able to work alongside with these magnificent animals drives him to make his passion and dream a reality. This whole experience of being a K9 handler and seeing firsthand what these animals are capable of has lead him to stand behind this to help out in whatever way he can.

Knowing firsthand what it takes to be a K9 handler and understanding the love these handlers have for their four legged partners has been a major factor in his design. These handlers and their K9 partners are responsible for protecting citizens on the front lines within some of the roughest communities, as well as serving the community through education and guidance.

These K9 warriors go even further as they serve alongside of some of the most elite branches of the United States Military. The military K9’s patrol behind enemy lines with a major purpose to keep each other safe.

Often times when a Law Enforcement K9 retires, their handlers become financially responsible for their care. Some of these K9’s may not be as fortunate as to retire under good health. Whether they were injured in the line of duty leading to their early medical retirement or due to the rough career which has lead them to need extended care. Within the military community, K9’s often do not find their way back to their handlers due to cost. This is one of many reasons why P.A.W was created to help support those who protect us. 


James Love, Founder