Bram - Patrol/Explosives K9

Here's to my K9 partner, BRAM! This fella has stood by my side from the moment we met. We have had many undocumented counseling sessions in my patrol car! Regardless of what we have exchanged he has never ratted me out. I am thankful to have a partner who has my back on and off duty. We are an awesome team together and I have to give him a huge amount of credit. Bram, along with other K9's are the primary reasons I started this business. I wanted these gentle warriors to have someone willing to stand up for them - when it comes time to retire and make easy street. Our K9 warriors do not get a paycheck, vacation time off, sick pay or submit requests for luxuries that we have. No matter the time they never stop being loyal and loving.

I may not be able to give a fortune to all of them, but I will not stop trying to help as many as I can. This is my mission for them and I will not stop pushing forward. We will support as many K9 Warriors as possible.

Bram - we salute you and we thank you!